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              For about forty years I have been suffering with anxiety and severe depression with no end to it in sight residing to the fact that it's going to stay with me for the rest of my life. Hope came along when I started having weekly sessions with Tina Mistry. I must admit I was a bit sceptical as I had therapy sessions many years ago with not a successful outcome at all.

On the first session, Tina soon put me at ease, as the anxiety was high, with her calming and friendly personality. She made me feel so at ease that I was able to talk to her in the strictest confidence about sensitive parts of my life that I have not even spoken about to my closest family. Now several sessions on, although slowly, I can begin to see​ the light at the end of the tunnel. It's only faint at the moment but it's there. Tina has helped me to believe in myself, that there is a way out to start a new life free from depression and anxiety. The lack of sleep was a major problem bought on by anxiety Tina soon guided me to find a series of methods I could put in place to help me stay calm and relaxed ready for sleep. I just can't believe how well it is working out for me. Already I am beginning to sleep right through to the point that the alarm wakes me up that's an improvement from 4-5 hrs to 7-8 hrs sleep.

Each session I come away feeling good about myself and a step closer to a new life free of depression and anxiety. ​I can not praise Tina enough, with her soft gentle kindness and passion for wanting me to feel well again.

Thank you Tina for putting a smile back on my face I am on the road to recovery at last.

John C.

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         I'm much grateful to Tina for an amazing coaching experience. She not only helped me explore my inner world - ways of seeing, processing, and responding to situations I tend to find most challenging, but she also helped me recognise and address key barriers and limiting beliefs which were preventing me from moving forward in life in a more authentic way. My experience coaching with Tina was excellent in terms of developing my self-awareness, and I have now started giving myself permission to say ’no’ to situations which do not serve me, and 'yes' to opportunities which come my way. I had struggled with this for a very long time prior to meeting Tina and embarking on a coaching journey with her. As a result of my coaching with Tina, I have gained the confidence to challenge myself and experiment with what I feel is my authentic self rather than remain afraid of what others may think of me or how they may see me for being truly myself.
Tina has been a wonderful facilitator of my transformation. Her questioning style was gentle, yet she was still able to challenge me and encourage to evaluate my every thought and remark, so I could really know what felt to be true and what did not. Tina’s questions were smart, appropriate, and truly thought-provoking. Never have I felt uncomfortable upon receiving a question from Tina during our sessions together. Furthermore, Tina was able to paraphrase my remarks in a manner that would allow me to deeply reflect on what I had said. I found that to be incredibly powerful. On the more logistical side, the coaching sessions with Tina were very easy to schedule - we both agreed a time and day that worked for us each week and the meetings were delivered online via Zoom which made the sessions accessible.

A truly wonderful experience - thank you so much, Tina!

Anna O

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   Tina gave me reiki after my operation. She was so professional caring and really helpful.

I was amazed at the difference it makes from having little pain when walking after around 48 hours. When I walked I wasn’t getting so much pain. Definitely recommend.

Sarah G.

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Stephen T

            I initially started working with Tina regarding my fitness, and trying to find a solution in being able to maintain it. One of my main issues was being able to continue a motivation for it, as I had discussed with her that a problem I find with any interest, is that my enthusiasm for them can wane over time. Tina helped in drawing out solutions from me, utilising methods that I had not considered. Although this was initially the main topic, with lockdown, it developed into difficulties that I was facing with home schooling. For me this showed how Tina was able to switch her approach for quite different topics. I can see this flexibility being invaluable for future clients.


A huge thanks to her that I was able to find solutions to both situations, leaving me more focussed and calmer about it.

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