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a bit about me:

Hi, I’m Tina a skilled Reiki Practitioner and qualified Life Coach based within the West Midlands, UK. I work with a wide range of clients including international, offering one-to-one sessions in-person or via Zoom. My passion and dedication to client care, compassion, approachable nature and strong healing hands is what makes me the Practitioner / Coach I am today.

I have always been quite a creative person and my career has focused around this area for many years. But deep down I have always had a passion for helping others too. I just hadn’t found how these two would connect for me as a career going forward. That was until I was introduced to Reiki. At first I was quite sceptical but once I understood it and experienced the treatment there was no going back.

Since studying Reiki back in 2015, it has now become a way of life for me. I apply it everyday to ground myself and balance the mind. It is such a peaceful healing energy and I believe we all deserve to live a happier, stress-free life.

In 2020 I was inspired to embark on a personal self-development Life Coaching course. Putting the learnings, reflections and tools into practice has been so valuable and since then it has really transformed my life and given me the opportunity to develop a new vision. I felt my passion to live my purpose and help others achieve the life they desire was now even clearer.

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My Healing Journey


Back in 2010, I found myself spiralling downwards into a darkness. All the trauma I’d once boxed, locked, thrown away the key and built a brick wall around was starting leak out into my consciousness and emerge back into my life. And the noise from the traffic of my thoughts made it harder to make sense of anything. I knew I needed to deal with this trauma, but it was like I had become the expert in filing things away into the cabinet of my mind, without really dealing with them. Of course, the cabinet would overfill one day and when it did my journey of growth truly began.

The childhood challenges I faced, and the emotional and sexual abuse I experienced led me to seeking professional help which enabled me to create a better life for myself. My path led me to therapy and Reiki, learning to heal the mind body and soul.

Once I successfully completed my studies with Jay Shetty Certification School I qualified as a Life Coach. I knew I wanted to be a Life Coach and help others who were experiencing the same struggles I once had.

I now continue to learn and grow to gain further knowledge to advance my skills. Understanding that change is an on-going process which takes time and effort is vitally important. There are no shortcuts, trust me I’ve tried them! It involves hard work but on the flip side of that is getting your life back.

My Why


Through my own journey I learnt how easy it was for me to see my past experiences from only a negative perspective which trapped by my own limiting beliefs created blocks for moving forward. But with integrity, compassion and guidance I was able to find my true self. Realising how many others are out there struggling with similar feelings and beliefs, I have chosen to use my skill, knowledge and experience to help others.

I believe with my passion and purpose to help others that I can help you to live the happy life you desire and let your inner beauty emerge.


My Mission


My mission is to guide you as my client to finding your inner peace and connect to yourself, gaining awareness and knowledge of the tools to allow your inner beauty to emerge.

I want to help you achieve this because I believe YOU can love and value yourself and live a happy, stress-free life, free from being stuck in limiting beliefs. 

Through my holistic services you will relax your mind, body and soul.

I am ready to share this journey with you.

Jay Shetty Certified Coach
Jikiden Reiki UK Association