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Welcome to

Well, it is simply about you. A place where the focus is on you and what you need. It’s your time to focus on making positive changes in your life.

You may be wondering why you need that time. But when in the last 24 hours did you pause, take a break and allow your mind, body and soul to be relaxed and calm? When did you set aside some time to be still, to reflect on your life and its direction or to connect to your inner self?

At Heal and Transform you are provided with the space for exactly that. Maybe you are struggling with feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Or maybe an inner belief is holding you back. Whether you are stressed or just looking to recharge, Heal & Transform is the place that can help.

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What is Heal & Transform about?

Life Coaching

There maybe times in your life where you feel stuck. Perhaps you are struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem or negative habits or thoughts. Maybe you are wanting to make that positive change and reach your potential but unsure how.

Through life coaching I help to guide you to where you want to be.


Reiki is a gentle therapy which helps you to relax and remove blocked energy.

It simply works by transferring energy from the practitioner and directing it towards the client body and their energy field.

Indian Head Massage

Head massage is over a thousand years old and is very popular. It is a wonderful treatment which helps to promote relaxation and reduces stress.

The session can be tailored to what suits you best, focusing on the areas where you hold the most tension. 

" We too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world "

A lotus can grow through the mud, no matter how dirty it is or the struggles it faces, a beautiful flower still emerges.
And that’s the message behind my logo. No matter who we are, we have the ability to rise from the dirt. No matter what our struggles and dark times, we can grow and transform to let our inner beauty emerge.

Like a lotus flower . . . 

The  journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step